Children´s Aid Complex

Children´s Aid Complex

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Children's aids KOMPLEX is a carefully balanced complex of several flower essences and light spring water. For children in globule form! Especially for children and teenagers.

"Kinderhelferchen" gives mental protection. Gives self-confidence & confidence."

Helps in cases of low self-confidence and by being too easily influenced by other children or adolescents. With more self-confidence, adolescents are better protected from the so-called "follow-through" through peer pressure. It is easier for them to say "no".

Supports the step into a new phase of life with joy and ease. In case of sluggishness and sadness. Helps to relax and let go; in case of physical and emotional tension.

Also helpful for tics, bed-wetting, concentration and learning difficulties.

We have had our flower essences and also those of other well-known manufacturers examined by one of the most famous scientists in this field, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Andrej Lee, by means of Kirlian photography.


  • Fresh spring water from the Licht- u. Heilquelle Ollersdorf
  • SEVEN MORNING High-Level Blossom-Vibrational Essences
  • Alcohol from biological raw materials
  • Filled in high quality Miron glass
  • 50 ml

Recommended usage:

  • 4 x daily 5 milk sugar balls directly on the tongue.
  • In acute situations take 5 lactose balls every 15 minutes.
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