Cordyceps Vital Mushroom BIO Vegan (Capsules)

Cordyceps Vital Mushroom BIO Vegan (Capsules)

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A premium product of the vegan natural substance series "SEVEN MORNING®".

Our high-quality vegan natural substances are handmade in Austria!

In contrast to Europe, vital mushrooms are used in China and Japan for supporting therapy. For polysaccharides, which are contained in many vital mushrooms, a variety of effects have been described in studies.

Contain cordycepin and polysaccharides in particular:

  • beta-glucans
  • Beta Mannans
  • Cyclofurans
  • Galactomannan

Nucleotides in particular:

  • Adenosine
  • Uridine
  • Guanosine
  • Sterols including Ergosterol


  • D-Mannitol
  • Fatty acids
  • different amino acids like arginine, tryptophan, lysine and tyrosine
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese 


Our Vitalpilz products are the result of many years of research and development and are 100% BIOLOGICAL and come 100% FROM THE EU. 

The SEVEN MORNING® brand comprises high-quality premium products made from vital mushrooms for use on humans and animals.

  • High dosage per capsule
  • Free from synthetic additives
  • Free from additives, fillers and auxiliary materials
  • Free from lactose, gluten, yeast, soya, sugar, egg, wheat
  • Free from animal products (suitable for vegan nutrition)
  • Is produced without genetic engineering
  • Is produced without animal testing
  • Pure vegetable cellulose capsule
  • No aluminum!


  • 150 vegetarian capsules
  • à 830 mg pure Cordyceps sinensis vital mushroom powder from organic farming without additives
  • filling weight: 124,50 g
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