Energy Complex

Energy Complex

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Energy COMPLEX is a carefully balanced complex of flower essences and light spring water.

Especially for lack of energy, dullness, tiredness and a lack of vitality.

"Gives new vitality and energy"

Energy Complex revitalizes, energizes and renews the elasticity. Energy promotes energy and willpower and gives us new courage. So we can master the challenges of life with fresh energy.

We have had our flower essences and also those of other well-known manufacturers examined by one of the most famous scientists in this field, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Andrej Lee, by means of Kirlian photography.


  • Fresh spring water from the Licht- u. Heilquelle Ollersdorf
  • SEVEN MORNING High-Level Blossom-Vibrational Essences
  • Alcohol from biological raw materials
  • Filled in high quality Miron glass
  • 50 ml

Recommended usage:

  • 4 x daily 7 drops directly on the tongue or in a glass of water.
  • In acute situations 7 drops every 15 minutes.
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