Glandular Balsam Flower Essence

Glandular Balsam Flower Essence

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For impatience in general and especially for impatience with the pace of other people.

Keep out of reach of children.

We have had our flower essences and also those of other well-known manufacturers examined by one of the most famous scientists in this field, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Andrej Lee, by means of Kirlian photography.


  • Light spring water from the Marien-Heilquelle Ollersdorf/Burgenland
  • Alcohol from organic grain
  • flowers of the glandular balsam from wild collection (Austria)
  • 10 ml

Recommended usage:

  • 7 drops in a glass of water and drink it throughout the day or
  • 7 drops of the Stockbottle in a 30 ml bottle of still mineral water, take 7 drops 4 times a day
  • In acute cases you can also take 4 drops undiluted 


  • Apply 3-4 drops directly on the skin (forearms, the area where we measure the pulse)
  • A few drops in the bath water
  • 7 drops in 100 ml massage oil (only pure vegetable oil in BIO quality)
  • 7 drops in 100 ml water in an atomizer bottle for skin, aura and rooms.

Flower essences are oscillating agents, their effect is not applicable to both internal and external use.

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